In the words of Mr. Jim Rodgers (former receptionist) ~ “We treat most everything except snakes and guineas. We don’t do snakes because they scare us and we can’t do guineas because we can’t catch em’.”

Being a “country vet” allows us to see all different kinds of animals. From large to small, we want to be your family’s vet. The veterinarians and staff at Kurten Veterinary Service are always expanding their knowledge base and we are constantly offering new services at Kurten Vet.

What exactly will we treat?

  • cattle
  • horses, donkeys, mules
  • goats
  • chickens / turkeys
  • dogs
  • cats
  • various exotics / pocket pets
  • parrots
  • turtles

Please feel free to scroll through the sub categories under our Services Tab to see all the different services we offer!